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MJ Podcast 205:Arizona Shooting, Reducing Health Care/Increasing Risk, Meth without Pseudoephedrine

MJ podcast 205: Arizona Shooting, Reducing Health Care/Increasing Risk, Meth without Pseudoephedrine 

Just a few notes on this weeks podcast. First, we're 'better late than never' this week due to starting a few teaching projects and getting ready to go back to school.

Lets start with my take on the Arizona Shootings. This tragety is not about politics and its not about gun control. It is about attention to mental health and getting people to the help they need. If we devoted the same resouces to mental health, substance abuse and substance addiction that we did to other medical issues, we may avert these types of events. Its amazing to me, that in this environment of "See Something, Say Something" that people recognized the unstable mental situation this shooter displayed...and nobody did anything about it...for fear of violating his civil rights.

Reductions in health care are coming. With these reductions will come shortages in specialized care and access to services for many with chronic conditions. This means that we'll see a sicker population and a widening of the group we call "special needs populations".

Pseudoephedrine has been linked to methamphetamine production. Over the last few years we've tried to stop or slow meth production by limiting access to over the counter cold preparations. According to recent reports...its been a failed effort. New methods for Meth production have sprouted with all the new hazards to go with them. Top on the list is the Shake-N-Bake methods of meth production.

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