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MJ 207: National EMS Bike Ride, Move Over...the NY Way

MJ 207: National EMS Bike Ride and Move Over Law...the NY Way

Matt and I catch up with Kevin Esparza from Canandaigua Emergency Squad on the topic of the National EMS Memorial Bike Ride. This is Kevin's second year doing the EMS Bike Ride. Kevin provides us with an inside look at training and participating in the National EMS Memorial Bike Ride.

Kevin is training and participating in the Ride with the support of his agency, Canadaigua Emergency Squad...but could use your help. If you'd like to support Kevin in his efforts, send him an email or contact him via Canandaigua Emergency Squad.

Never heard of the National EMS Memorial Bike Ride? Check out their page at

Excerpts from the National EMS Memorial Bike Ride site...
"The National EMS Memorial Bike Ride, Inc. honors Emergency Medical Services personnel by organizing and implementing long distance cycling events that memorialize and celebrate the lives of those who serve everyday, those who have become sick or injured while performing their duties, and those who have died in the line of duty."
In some not-so-encouraging news...a Upstate NY fire chief was given a citation by a NYS Trooper for blocking an extra lane at a motor vehicle crash. We talked about NY adopting the Move Over Law (with tremendous support of the NYS Troopers) and hoped it would help get responders on the same page and understand safety on the highway...for all responders! We talked about this way back in October, 2010 on edition #193 of Mitigation Journal  ...and my cynicism is confirmed by this recent action. And you wonder why I think NIMS is Dead? Anyway, check out the story on Fire Fighter Close Calls.

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