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Biological Effects of Radiation Summary

Biological Effects of Radiation Summary
                                                          the half-way point

In response to the numerous requests for information on the topic of radiological injuries and situational management, we're posting a mid-point summary of our Biological Effects of Radiation series. This series has five segments scheduled. The first three are linked below...the remaining parts (including bibliography and source links) are being written now.

Biologic Effects of Radiation #1: Radiation Basics - A focus on the potential radiation sources, terminology, units of overview to get started or refreshed on the topic.

Biologic Effects of Radiation #2: Protective Actions and Variables - We try to put a little bit of common sense behind Time, Distance, and Shielding. This installment also looks at the general medical signs and symptoms of exposure/contamination.

Biologic Effects of Radiation #3: Effects of Radiation on the Body - look at biological effects, acute radiation sickness and associated symptoms and syndromes.

Links and References
You'll also find these links and references useful. I've used them, in part and along with references, to put this series together. Again, the complete bibliography will be posted along with the final installment of the series. 

Radiation Injury Treatment Network

Radiation Emergency Medical Treatment (from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)

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