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MJ 211: Paramedic Ultrasound

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This week on the podcast we move towards innovation and EMS technology...we're talking about Paramedic use of Ultrasound. This is part-one of a two-part series.

Joining Matt and I this week is Peter Bonadonna, CI/C, EMTP.  Mr. Bonadonna has conducted considerable research on ultrasound use in the pre-hospital environment and is considered a local expert on the topic.

In this session we'll review the goals of ultrasound use, diagnostic ultrasound, training programs, and changes to paramedic practice and delivery of care.

This is an outstanding technology that will enhance the ability of Paramedics to assess and prepare to treat a variety of patients. The goal of this series on Mitigation Journal will prepare you for the challenge. We've added a tab on for Paramedic Ultrasound that will provide you with background infromation, tutorials, links, and study materials. You can also contact Peter Bonadonna directly ( and request additional materials, information, and in-person training.

What to see more? Check out the Training Videos tab on Mitigation Journal...we've posted a narrated video of an actual ultrasound'll see how easy it can be!

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