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MJ 212: Paramedic Ultrasound part two

Don't object until you have all the facts!

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We're back on Mitigation Journal podcast with Peter Bonadonna, EMT-P, CI/C, for part-two of our series on Paramedic Ultrasound. In part-one (MJ podcast 211) we reviewed the goals of ultrasound use, diagnostic ultrasound, training programs, and changes to paramedic practice and delivery of care.

In part-two, Peter answers the question: Ultrasound, why now? You'll have to listen to the podcast to hear the answer. 

Lets leave you with a few points:

1. Don't object unless you have all the facts. How do I get the facts? Listen to Paramedic Ultrasound podcast part one and podcast part two view our brief ultrasound video on the Training Videos tab, then visit the Paramedic Ultrasound tab above to go directly to  

2. Training might not be as hard as you think.  Again, view the Ultrasound Video...see for yourself.

3. Why not now? Paramedic Ultrasound is an assessment tool that might just change the way we assess and triage certain patients. It may just be the next best thing since the pre-hospital 12-lead ECG!

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