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MJ 213: Getting Healthy, Instinctively

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I've been working on dropping a few pounds and getting into reasonable physical condition over the last few months. Back in March, 2011, my doctor used the word "obese"...I didn't like the sound of that. So, I changed. Changed diet and lifestyle. I bought (Joanne bought) a road bike and started biking in addition to running. Much of this change was brought on due to the sudden death of a friend and experiencing a little episode of SVT/PSVT.

The good news is that I'm well on the way to a level of fitness I've not had before. Even (years ago) as an amateur fighter did I have the level of endurance and cardiovascular health I have now...and I'm just getting going!

There has been a good bit of help along the way. The Mitigation Journal Health and Wellness Consultant (Lori VanScoter, RN) has been providing some Health Coaching from the sidelines! This week on the podcast, Lori joins me to discuss an individualized health history review. We discuss general lifestyle, cholesterol, nutrition, exercise, and supplementation. The discussion is candid.

We'll be posting the video segments here in the blog over the next few weeks, too. In the meantime, listen to this weeks Mitigation Journal podcast. You can find all of the services Lori provides by going to her website Instinctively Healthy (

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