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Effect of the recent Katrina ruling

I wanted to share a brief email from Michael Ehrman. Michael has been a long-time friend of Mitigation Journal and encountered a situation that reflected the impact of a recent legal decision from Hurricane Katrina. You can listen to Message from Katrina: Hospitals be ready part one and part two now.

You can contact Michael directly via Twitter @MichaelEhrman

Michael writes:

Just saw an effect caused by this ruling.

Went to Midwest City Regional Hospital for my Kiwanis Club bi-monthly meeting.  New signage on the revolving door and other doors stated "This hospital is not a shelter".  I had not seen this before and I asked security when did that go on the door but he did not know.  Could not understand it as the 8-story building is strong enough for current history of tornados including those that destroyed parts of the city years ago.  Now I know why it was put on the door.  Thank you judge.
Thanks, Michael. Make us wonder what could be next...

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