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MJ 216 Message from Katrina: Hospitals be ready. Part Two

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This may be the most influential decision in domestic preparedness that nobody is paying attention to. 
Join me, Jamie Davis (The MedicCast/The Nursing Show), and MJ Co-Host Matt Comer on this two-part podcast. In part one we discuss the general situation and organizational implications. Part two will address individual actions and decision making in disaster situations.

In part one we opened discussion on the situation with an overview and potential outcomes. The financial and precedence setting are on the top of the list. Also, we take a look at the impact on future planning and preparedness for healthcare in disaster situations. What will the impact be to health care costs? Should a community expect to shelter in a hospital during crisis?
In part two: public preparedness, the post 9/11 failing, preparedness pendulum, optimism bias and more!

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