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MJ 220: Consumer-Level HazMat and Chemical Suicide

Consumer-Level HazMat and Chemical Suicide...

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A number of readers have written in with renewed interest on the threat of chemical assisted suicide asking that I re-release the popular Mitigation Journal entries on this topic.

I'm truly impressed by the level of interest shown by MJ followers. I'm also grateful to you for letting me help get this and other preparedness information out to responders, hospital staff, and emergency management folks. 

This weeks podcast is a mixed compilation from the popular Consumer Level Hazmat talks taken from various epidodes.
Consumer-Level Hazmat and Chemical Assisted Suicide are covered in editions 59, 64, and 72. Full versions of the original Mitigation Journal podcasts are available from the Mitigation Journal archives with the links provided.

Click player below to listen to Consumer Level Hazmat and Chemical Assisted Suicide.

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