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Lockout, Death follow Nursing Strike

23,000 California Nurses Association members staged a one day strike on September 22, 2011.

The issues, according to the California Nurses Association website:
Sutter RNs are protesting 200 sweeping demands by Sutter executives that would:
  • Restrict their ability to effectively advocate for patients
  • Effectively force nurses to work when sick, dangerously exposing extremely ill patients to infection.
  • Sharply reduce nurses’ healthcare coverage and retiree health benefits.
  • The Sutter RNs are also protesting years of widespread cuts in patient care services...
and further:
"Sutter is making these demands and cutting services despite amassing $3.7 billion in profits the past half decade. Sutter pays 20 top executives more than $1 million in salaries."
Source: California Nurses Association

The strike impacted 33 not-for-profit hospitals run by Kaiser Permanente and Sutter Health in Oakland, CA. The strike was supposed to end the next day with nurses returning to work by 7am September 23.

That didn't happen. The nurses did not return to work.

Instead, Sutter Health locked out the nurses. There has been one death being blamed on this situation; a cancer patient died after what hospital officials are calling a "freak accident" by a replacement medical worker. The California Nurses Association claims that the death would not have occurred if they had not been locked out by the hospital.

According to the Associated Press, the patient was given a "non-prescribed dosage" by a replacement worker. The story doesn't identify the replacement worker was a Registered Nurse.

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