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MJ 221: RN Strike, Earthquake Trial, Doctors get Flu Vaccine

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This week on Mitigation Journal Podcast #221:

23,000 California Nurses Association members staged a one day strike on September 22, 2011. The strike impacted 33 not-for-profit hospitals and was supposed to end the next day with nurses returning to work by 7am September 23.  That didn't happen. The nurses did not return to work. Read full article here.

Can you predict an earthquake? If you could, how aggressive would your warning be? How aggressive should disaster warning be? Something happens and despite the planning and training and preparedness the situation escalates and the impact is worse (perhaps far worse) than originally anticipated or planned for. For failing to predict the unpredictable or protect the unprotectable, society demands someone be accountable... Theory of Successful Blame...and we feel safer as we attribute the outcomes of a situation to somebody's failures rather than the situation itself. Read the Cassandra Paradox and Italian Seismologists not "aggressive" enough.

Also, who is getting flu vaccine? A recent study indicated that doctors are the best protected while the number of vaccinated nurses is less than 70%

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