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MJ 222: Writing biologic event plans - what good plans have that bad ones don't

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Its been another busy month in the basement bunker of knowledge! We're wrapping up one of the most exciting months of blogging and podcasting I can remember with our Biologic Events theme. Reader response has been fantastic and the blog has drawn another record number of visits this month along with several comments, emails, and podcast downloads.We still have a few posts waiting to finish the biologic topic, so be sure to check Mitigation Journal next week...or, join our free newsletter mailing and get MJ posts directly on your email as they are published. Email subscription is free. Just enter your email in the subscription box in the top right side-bar. Mitigation Journal podcast is available as a free subscription in iTunes

This week on the podcast we're pushing out a brief how-to on writing your biologic plan. We also discuss a few important items that every good biologic event plan has...and  bad ones don't.

I'm also working on a few extra features on the blog page. You'll notice changes in the coming weeks.

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