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Get Bio-Event Ready or Die

     ...or at least get sick. 3 Things to do today to prevent even that!

 Three things to do to Be Ready for a natural or intentional biological event:
  1. Train your people on infection control and personal protective equipment (PPE) more than once a year. This is the time to develop good habits for regular cleaning and disinfection of our vehicles and workplaces. Several studies have pointed out that practice with masks...getting proper fit and knowing how to put them on as important as annual fit-testing.
  2. Promote the safety and health of responders and their families. That means getting appropriate vaccine or other medications available for your personnel and at-risk family. Identify those who can't get vaccinated or take medications and take steps to isolate them from infection. Numerous self-report surveys have concluded that one key to keeping your personnel coming to work in a biological event is provide for the safely of the family.
  3. Prepare a Can't Go Home Plan. Stock you stations and facilities with food, water, hygiene products and ready additional bunk areas to keep personnel in-house during extended operational periods.

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