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Mitigation Journal - 6 years later

Thank You for six years of support.

We're celebrating six years of Mitigation Journal blogging and podcasting. When I clicked "publish" for the first time back in November, 2005, I couldn't have predicted how important this blog would become to so many readers and listeners. Our growth has been tremendous.

From blog to podcast to video to of material has grown. We've published over 600 blog posts and dozens of videos. More than 6000 people visit Mitigation Journal DOT ORG every month. I've met so many people through Mitigation Journal and I've lost count of how many places I've been asked to visit - to give a talk or consult on a project. I've met so many emergency service professionals through the use of social media. I've had the opportunity to review plans, provide opinions, and teach.

What's next? I can't begin to predict. The only thing I can say for sure is that Mitigation Journal will continue to provide unique perspectives on civil preparedness and emergency response. I don't like the mainstream way of emergency management thinking and would rather stay off the beaten(down) path.

Through blogging, podcasting, social media, and independent reporting, we'll continue to examine the limitless topics of preparedness and response for civilians, traditional rescuers and non-traditional responders.

We'll be reporting on current events, conducting case study, providing original material sprinkled with commentary. Mitigation Journal will cover everything from routine incidents to local disaster and national crisis. Professional responders and concerned citizens will gain valuable insight into preparedness and emergency response.

With real world experience and insight, Mitigation Journal will be there helping you prepare for whatever challenges your role in preparedness care, emergency medical service, fire department, public health preparedness...Mitigation Journal will cover it all.

With your help. With your continued support.

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