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Traditional lectures find new life in "new media"

Co-posted on the GVNA blog

Using multi-media and internet strategies to reach today's health care and EM students.

I stumbled on this topic while reading one of my favorite blogs, Life in the Fast Lane. The post, Peer Reviewed Lectures, really caught  my attention. As a semi-pro blogger and podcast host, I truly appreciate (and honestly believe in) the incredible value of multiple instructional strategies and web-based interaction. Traditional topics will find new life when a "new media" twist is applied. All you have to do is embrace the New Media delivery!

This video from Academic Emergency Medicine outlines criteria for peer reviewed lectures.

Peer Reviewed Lectures from Academic Emergency Medicine on Vimeo.

Continuing education becomes cutting edge and lecture content can be taken at-will or on demand to satisfy specific needs. This New Media approach also reaches out (and grabs on to) the Millennial Generation as well as those who want that convenience offered by this media. In the video below, Danielle Hart, MD (Hennepin County Medical Center Department of Emergency Medicine) outlines the learning style differences between various generations and how this non-traditional instructional tool bridges the educational gap. 

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