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Mitigation Journal Podcast #235

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Its been  several weeks since we've gotten a podcast out and many listeners have written in asking for updated content on current events impacting emergency responders and hospital providers. There has been so much to talk about, too! We wanted to cover four topics this week but, due to the detail of the situations only had room for two. This week on the podcast we talk about nerve agent exposure and Consumer Level Hazardous Materials and the Institute of Medicine Crisis Standards of Care.

Consumer Level Hazardous Materials (CLHS) continue to prove their devastating potential. Chemical suicides and chemically contaminated persons may cause evacuation and closure of your emergency department. Unfortunately, these situations and their potential continue to go largely ignored.
What would happen in your health care system if just one emergency department was closed from chemical contamination? 
Looking for Preparedness Guidance? Add this to your reading list! When disaster strikes changes have to be made. Planning has to turn into action. I call this situation switching from a Standard of Care to a Sufficiency of Care. The standards are built on a platform of ethical considerations and legal authority that segue into other critical, but often ignored, components such as community engagement and creation of incidents and triggers for action.

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