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Podcast 236 Prepare like its 1999 and London 2012 Olympic Ground Zero?

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This is a big week for us on the blog and podcast. Co-host Matt Comer is back this week as we discuss a couple of interesting and thought-provoking topics. As if that weren't enough, Mitigation Journal is coming to you from the West Coast and the Great State of Alaska!  I'm headed to Alaska to present at the South East Region EMS Symposium in Ketchikan, AK. I'll be talking about a variety of topics; from Culture of Preparedness and flu/biologic events, to school bus rescue. I'll be posting updates to FB and Twitter as well as daily blog posts reviewing the events. We're going to try to squeeze in a podcast, too!

This week on Mitigation Journal Podcast:
Is it time to prepare like its 1999? I think so. This week Matt and I rehash Y2K and consider the ramifications of a technological failure today. Our conversation is based on a Mitigation Journal post Y2K Planning Like its 1999 - this post ignited dozens of emails and mentions on Google+ - clearly a topic of interest.

Also this week we talk about the potential for a major biologic event at the London 2012 Olympic games. Some people have said London could be a biologic "ground zero" for the next pandemic. While the possibility is there - Matt and I shed a little light on the other possibilities...and what we can do about the threat of a naturally occurring biological event.

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