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Shootings, High- Profiles Soft Targets

The threat of intentional attacks on civilian soft targets continues.
"Locations of critical infrastructure such as hospitals, will need to be protected from attack as will other civilian locations. Hotels, coffee shops, and shopping centers lack the deterrents necessary to prevent attacks. The psychological impact of an attack on any of these soft targets will nearly as devastating as the loss of life."
I wrote that in a post quite some time ago and unfortunately, its proven accurate again.

In response to the recent shootings at a movie theater in Colorado -

Consider the following:
  1. Soft target - lacking any deterrent or protection from an attack
  2. Lone Wolf - individual acting alone with considerable planning, action intelligence,  resources, and motivation
  3. Multiple threats - secondary devices, chemical hazards
  4. Prior events show commonalities for preparedness (Olympic Park, Columbine H.S.) - lessons from case study improve response efficiency 
  1. It can happen here
  2. If you haven't conducted joint training, response will suffer
  3. Include case study in your training program
  1. Plan for the realistic threats you face - maybe you should skip the airport/crash drill this year and replace it with an active shooter event at a soft target
  2. Evaluate your plans
  3. Evaluate your exercise design program and consider including tabletop exercises

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