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MJ Podcast 239 West Nile Virus

Special joint podcast episode with the MedicCast and This Week in Virology

What is it about West Nile virus that has everybody talking? Do the number of infections and deaths from WNV this year make sense? Is this hype or example of emerging infectious disease threats to come?

Join me, Jamie Davis (MedicCast/Nursing Show/Insights in Nursing), Dr. Vincent Racaniello and Dr. Dickson Despommier (This Week in Virology) for everything you wanted to know about West Nile virus and more!

In this episode:
  • Where did WNV come from? 
  • How did WNV get to the United States? 
  • What's driving the 2012 epidemic and is this really the worst ever? 
  • How can we apply current knowlege to other emerging infectious diseases?

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