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2012/2013 Flu Update #6

Update #6 for the week of January 20, 2013

This weeks Mitigation Journal Flu Update includes publicly available data from the CDC FluView, Google Flu Trends, Sickweather and other media sources.

This report contains data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2012/2013 Influenza season week 1 for the period ending January 12, 2013. In this reporting period (January 6 - 12, 2013) all flu data sources report continued high rates of flu activity with forty-eight states demonstrating widespread activity as compared to forty-seven states reporting widespread flu in week 1 (see Flu Update #5). Many healthcare facilities have implemented some form of visitation limits in effort to reduce the spread of influenza within the patient population.

Viral surveillance results for week 2, 2013 shows 29.4% (3,638) of the 12,360 samples tested positive for flu, down slightly from week 1 (29.9%) and down significantly from week 51, 2012 (38.2%) with the proportion of deaths related to influenza and pneumonia remaining above epidemic threshold. Those older than 65 years old account for 49.6% of influenza hospitalizations.

In the News 
Could influenza virus actually know when to attack you? According to an article published published by BBC News the answer is yes. The article cites studies that indicate influenza can detect how long it takes to produce enough copies of itself to be effective prior to leaving the host cell. Understanding how this timing process work may allow reserachers to prevent infection. 
See BBC News: Flu virus 'knows when to attack'

Is a "good match" meaningful? We've been given the impression that a good match between circulating influenza strains and vaccine makes for a mild flu season. Current data reported on by Global News suggests the "good match" theory may not hold up. 
See Global News The Canadian Press: Flu studies suggest vaccine 'match' not super predictor of effectiveness

Flu data graphic displays

Latest map from CDC Flu Interactive

Data from Google Flu Trends

 Map from Sickweather

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  1. Earlier last month, New York has declared a state of Pandemic and that heralded the flu season. The influenza strain is getting more resistant to the regular anti-biotic we apply and that calls for more potent drugs. Michigan is also badly hit by the flu.


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