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MJ 250: Focusing on New Flu and NCoV

Why wait? The writing is on the wall indicating N7N9 and Novel Corona Virus situations could follow similar paths that Avian Flu and SARS did. Those subtle warnings should be calling us to action now. 
On Mitigation Journal Podcast this week: 
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University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Center for Health Security (formerly center for biosecurity) Follow them on Twitter @UPMC_CHS
Pandemic on the horizon? Maybe two. This is our reminder that pandemics and biologic events usually start small with subtle warnings. Those warnings are there now. We should be paying attention. MERS-CoV is gaining momentum and the future of H7N9 is unclear. Now’s the time to become engaged in “Determined Awareness” and educate yourself - get in tune with the CDC by visiting their website, visit your local health department website and coordinate with responder groups. 
Action now will pay off. 
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