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Nurse Triage Line Project at Public Health Preparedness Summit 2013

Nurse Triage Line Project - a fresh look

The highlight of covering the Public Health Preparedness Summit was meeting the people behind the scenes in public health. We had a chance to discuss a variety of critical preparedness topics including the Nurse Triage Line Project. In this session, we're honored to be joined by a panel of experts at the Public Health Preparedness Summit on the topic of the Nurse Triage Line Project and preparedness for major events and disasters. Our guests in the podcast studio are:
  • Dr. Aaron DeVries, Medical Director of the Infectious Disease Division at the Minnesota Department of Health
  • Dr. Lisa M. Koonin from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
  • Dr. Gregory M Bogdan, PhD, Administrative Director for the Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center at Denver Health
For more follow the channel here or over at for more segments from the PHPS summit sponsored by NACCHO.

Special thanks to Jamie Davis of the MedicCast and Promed Network for his efforts producing this video series. 

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