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Preparedness by Popular Demand

MJ Readers Suggest Topics for 2014

What preparedness topics are important to you as we move dangerously close to 2014? I asked that question on my Facebook page (rickrussotti) and was impressed by the depth of topics our readers and listeners came back with.

Steve Erb (Rochester, NY) suggested crowd/spectator control planning for events at malls, schools, sports ensues and outdoor events (civilian soft targets). Steve writes "we might learn some things regarding planning, communication and response from the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting as a case study." 

The Aurora situation is another tragic milestone with enduring lessons.  The rescue efforts have been questioned during that event and we've seen how politics can bog down readiness. In the end, what have we learned since Columbine? 

Michael Coffin (California) suggested a continued look at active shooter events along with a session on Zombie Apocalypse. Both are right up our alley. The zombie theme was mentioned by Lisamarie Pocza (Massachusetts), too. 

John Spaulding (Rochester, NY)suggested credentialing for volunteer fire officers, pre incident planning, and  social media in public safety. Johns topic about social media is exemplified by this post - all this subject matter came from one Facebook post!

Micheal F. Staley (Georgia) brought up an often overlooked topic - the importance of taking care of our family. 

Jim O'Kelly (Rochester) hit on another under-addressed topic - life in the post antibiotic world. 

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