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This Week in Preparedness 11.29.13

Mitigation Journal TWiP week ending 11.29.13

CDC buys into Social Media to Predict Flu - sponsors "Predict the Influenza Season Challenge" Enter for a chance to will $75,000 and CDC recognition. (

Department of Health and Human Services balk at H7N9 Vaccine. Is HHS holding back on a vaccine that could dampen the threat of pandemic from H7N9? If so, why? Read Politix Why Won't HHS Approve Crucial Flu Vaccine? (

Always worth following - Google Flu Trends indicates low level of seasonal flu activity in the United States as of this posting. Current numbers reflect flu cases on par with average for this time of year.  (

New Guidelines on Managing Obesity Crisis - The American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association along with The Obesity Society and National Heart Lung and Blood Institute have issued a updated set of guidelines to battle what is believed to be one of the largest threats to national security and public health...Obesity. (

H7N9 Has Virulence and Transmissibility - It's stupid and contagious! But then, these are the qualities of most viruses. Novel Flu Virulence and Transmissibility. (

Nurses have a role in creating new IT? Really, what the heck for? Read: Why nurses must be involved in developing new health IT (

Preventing Opimism Bias is cornerstone of MJ's Culture of Preparedness. We've talked about preventing the "it can't happen to me" mentality since day one. Mainstream media is starting to listen according to this piece from The Journal Gazette (Fort Wayne IN) Be Wary of 'it can't happen here' attitude. (journal

The Many Faces of H7N9. Indications are that H7N9 has as many as six different clinical presentations according to data gathered and presented in the Avian Flu Diary. Bookmark and check Avian Flu Diary often. (

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