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Welcome to Year Nine

Mitigation Journal Begins Ninth Year

For a variety of reasons I've struggled to find the time and energy to get back to the keyboard. I've questioned the relevance and importance of what we've been doing with Mitigation Journal blog and podcast over these past eight years. Social media has exploded and resource sites such as the CDC and UPMC have grown exponentially since MJ started in November, 2005, leaving me to wonder if this project is relevant any longer. 

The answer to the self-imposed question of relevancy came while I was speaking at large conference on the East coast. A line of attendees formed at the conclusion of each of my talks; not so much to ask questions, but to tell me how much they appreciated Mitigation Journal. Some preferred the blog content while others relied on the podcast of information. More than fifty people stopped me to introduce themselves and say they had read or listened to Mitigation Journal. Fifty people - I know the number because thats how many business cards were given out. Not too bad considering my original goal for this project was to reach 100 readers/listeners in Rochester, New York. 

With my misgivings abated we will move on. Mitigation Journal has turned eight. We're proud to say the blog receives 300 hits per day (even during hiatus) and the podcast reaches thousands of listeners world wide. As I say in classes "this is audience participation" and your voice is important to our conversation. Please follow me on Facebook (rickrussotti) and Twitter (@rickrussotti) to carry on that conversation. 

On behalf of Matt, our podcast co-host, thank you for your support and welcome to year nine!

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