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MJ 252: A Unique Perspective on Secret Spying

A Unique Perspective on Secret Spying on Mitigation Journal - keeping the use of tin foil to a minimum. 
This edition is all about the revelation that the United States Government has been collecting data from various sources on each and every one of us. The situation is breaking news and unnerving but should we be surprised? 
In this edition we discuss how the changes in technology have made it possible for secret spying on the American pubic to take place. In the name of “stoping terrorism” we’re collecting cellular, internet, and email data on everyone...just in case we find something worth investigating. 
WIll this type of surveillance work? No. It didn’t work during the Civil War and World War Two and it won’t work now. 
At the end of it all, we have to ask it now is the time to unplug? 

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MJ 251: Tornadoes - first hand with Mike Ehrman

We have a special guest this week, Mr. Mike Ehrman is joining us by phone to bring a first-hand account of the tornadoe situation in Oklahoma. Mike has been posting updates to his Facebook page outlining the situation as well as rescue and recovery operations. Today we'll talk about the disaster backpack program, pet supplies for special needs populations, damage assessments, and shelters.
We'd like to thank Mike for taking the time to join us on todays podcast and we extend our thoughts and prayers to those impacted by the storms.

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