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Top MJ Reads of 2013

MJ readers select Top Blog Topics of 2013

Mitigation Journal blog readers have voted and the results are in on the top topics of 2013. The top 3 blog pieces were selected based on site statistics, number of article views, and reader interaction, we've come up with our best articles of 2013.

#3 From May, 2013. Biological effects of radiation are dependent upon the type of exposure a person has with the duration of the exposure and intensity of the material playing a key role. We also have to include the role of personal protection such as time, distance and shielding. In this piece, we discussed, Hematopoietic Syndrome, Gastrointestinal syndrome, Cardiovascular syndrome, and central nervous system syndrome

#2 JAMA Flu Myth Busters appeared on MJ in March, 2013 creating substantial debate on social media about the flu vaccine. We also enjoyed an unprecedented volume of email conversations behind the scenes. The big vaccine debate was at the heart of most of our conversations. We also noted a substantial increase in request for biologic planning, plan writing and plan review. Our most popular live talk during this period (Understanding Flu and Biological Events) was presented seven times in and around New York. Fueling the fire on this topic was the political climate surrounding flu related public health emergencies, mandated vaccination for health care workers, and an intense flu season.
 #1 Our top rated posting comes from January, 2013. No Shelter for You was a unique post because it tied together the Tenent Health Care ruling with subtle emergency management changes that were brought to our attention by MJ readers. We had the good fortune of first-hand reporting by Michael Ehrman, a retired emergency manager and long time MJ follower.  Mr. Ehrman continued his reporting on the changes in shelters by joining us on the podcast as well. 

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